ReCycle By Ossy is a group of recycle artists from Israel led by fashion designer Ossy Pri Hadash.

Artist Biographies

Ossy Pri Hadash

Born Feb. 7th, 1969. Haifa.
Lost her right eye sight at age 6 and spent 2 months in art therapy.
1985-1987 Studied Jewelry at Wizo Hadasa Canada art school, Haifa.
1993-1994 Studied drafting (fashion).
1997-1999 Studied textile design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv. Specialized in weaving, knitting, and print techniques.
1999 Established her own fashion design studio in Tel Aviv.
2009 Established ReCycle By Ossy.
Proud mother of Itamar (9) and Ariel (8).

Lior Bazini
Born May 2nd, 1972. Tel Aviv.
1993 Studied sculpting with Dov Heller (Bezalel). Presented his first mosaic work publicly in Haifa.
1995-1996 Studied blacksmithing with Uri Hofi (master blacksmith) and worked with Doron Bruchfeld at Kibbutz Ein Shemer.
1996-2002 Lived at Kibbuts Nirim and kept working as a blacksmith and creating metal sculptures.
2003 Established a private metal workshop in Kfar Sirkin.
Won the 1st prize at the RedBull Flugtag competition.
2009 Established ReCycle By Ossy.
Metal artist. Runs a private metal art workshop. Specializes in rusting techniques for iron and artistic bending of metal.

Tailor Vijay

Born Jan. 18th, 1985. Haifa.
Self-educated digital media programmer and visual artist. 
1987-1991 Studied music (Guitar, Bass, Theory, Composition) privately.
1996-2003 Worked as a system integrator and web developer (Media sites, Microsft TV,
2000-2001 Studied music production at Muzik school.
2003-2004 Studied music production and composition @ Rimon music school. Specialized in psycho acoustics and synth programming.
2004 Studied Avid video editing privately.
2005-2009 Researched live audio-visuals and performed as a VJ while programming.
2009 Joined ReCycle By Ossy.

Our work represents a meeting point for image, fashion and metal design.
Our Studio

Ossy and Lior turned their home into a recycling eco-system of art, where leftovers from practically any material and source become part of the daily landscape for them and for the children. Toys, furniture and even work tools are built from scrap metal, wood, plastic and many other materials.
The studio is located in front of the house, in an open space that connects the house with its' surroundings. A home-made 7'x7' table is used for laying out bottle caps and weaving them into large Pop Art wall carpets.

Work Process - Bottle Cap Portraits
  1. Bottle caps are collected on a weekly basis from various restaurants, sorted, cleaned and stored for use as specific colors.
  2. Then we select an icon for interpretation into bottle caps.
  3. Color palettes art built using bottle caps from stock.
  4. Image is processed and translated into bottle caps using various digital imaging tools and techniques.
  5. Sketched are printed (we usually design more than one option for each icon in terms of color, size and form).
  6. The best sketch is selected.
  7. Bottle caps for each color are counted and taken from stock.
  8. 4 holes are drilled in each bottle cap.
  9. Bottle caps are arranged into rows on the work table.
  10. Each row is connected using recycled communications wire.
  11. After all rows are ready, columns are connected as well. 
  12. Picture is straightened tightened.
  13. All wired are tied and cut.
  14. A metal frame is built according to image size and need.
  15. Metal frame is "sewed" to the back of the using recycled communications wire.
  16. And that's all :)
2010 Kastiel Gallery, Tel Aviv. Constant display.
2011 Bottle cap workshop at Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv, University.
2011 J14 street installation.
2011 Sea-Wind exhibition, Bat Yam.
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