Friday, June 4, 2010

Recycling Music (Jacket & Skirt) by Yeung Yau

Kai Yeung Yau recycled video tape clothing

We've been exposed to this wonderful London-based ecofashion designer thanks to Inhabitat's Spring Greening Competition, in which we've taken part as well and entered the notable entries list.

Being a fashion designer, Ossy likes garment textures very much and this one is much more than just that - believe it or not, these clothes are made of RECYCLED MAGNETIC TAPE!

Kai Yeung Yau recycled video tape clothing

Process: The video tape was bought from a second-hand shop and then stitched on garments to visualize music with different pitches and frequencies by varying the heights and widths of the pleating.

Kai Yeung Yau recycled video tape clothing

What's more to say - INSPIRING!!! & goes with everything we stand for: recycling, art, fashion, texture and invention. Check out this video for a closer look at the clothing and a quick glimpse to the artist at work in the background. Like plus plus.

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