Monday, September 6, 2010

The PILOT Green Effect

The amount of pens used in a typical office day on our lovely planet is probably huge. This must have a serious effect on the environment, just like many other plastic-based mass consumption products. PILOT has recently released a line of recycled content pens to address this issue. It's called Be Green.


The above pen is made of recycled plastic bottle scraps and is selling for the same price as its' non-recycled counterparts, Pilot’s BeGreen writing instruments - including ballpoint pens, rolling balls pens and mechanical pencils - are all made from recycled content and packaged in recycled materials. BeGreen pens/pencils are widely available at office supply stores and other retailers including Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and Target.


I got myself a new B2P (Bottle to Pen). Very cool concept and environment-friendly! If you still use pen and paper, please get these pens and recycled paper.

PILOT BeGreen Catalog

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