Friday, March 12, 2010

TRASH PEOPLE - HA Schult - 1996

trash people - HA Schult

As the first official post of this blog, I've decided to write about HA Schult's 1996 TRASH PEOPLE artwork. For me, it represents the message that's been there more than a decade ago, before climate change, ecology and recycling were part of the media's daily agenda.

Background: In 1996, HA Schult, a German artist/poet/radical, posted 1000 man-sized figures, made entirely from trash, in the amphitheater of Xanten. The message was clear - we produce too much trash. let's do something about it.

Ever since, Schult's TRASH PEOPLE have traveled the globe, in an effort to bring awareness among people of all nations to the massive amounts of trash created by mass consumption and lack of recycling.

The picture above, taken at the Geeza pyramids in Egypt, represents TRASH PEOPLE's secondary message to human kind, borrowed from Marcel Proust -

We stand on top of a pyramid from the past.

Let's not forget then - we are guests in this world, passing through it for a brief moment. Let's do our best to bring awareness to our environment and try to leave a better pyramid for our descendants to stand upon.

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