Friday, April 23, 2010

Endangered wild animals in LEGO - Sean Kenney

LEGO monkey - Sean Kenney
Philadelpia zoo uses the services of LEGO sculptor, Sean Kenney, to promomte awareness of endangered species, affected by pollution and climate change.

Zoo visitors watch an epocalyptic view of a dreadfully possible future zoo, where models of extinct animals are displayed instead of their living counterparts due to pollution and climate change effect on their natural environment.

LEGO frog - Sean Kenney
The use of animal sculptures in a semi-natural environment is an interesting concept. The zoo itself is a man-made fabrication of nature, which is the only connection to nature for many city dwelling people.

LEGO polar bear - Sean Kenney and his team
Sean and his team of assistants had worked on this exhibition, named "HABITAT" & commisioned by the Philadelphia zoo, for months. It is on display April 10th - October 31st, 2010.

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