Friday, April 16, 2010

Garbage is a moment in space/time


Imagine a moment in the future when garbage is no longer buried, but fully recycled into new, useful products. Is that possible? Would future humanity look back into our time and wonder "how could we live that way?".

NYC artist Justin Gignac puts street garbage in the spotlight. He collects stuff from garbage cans across New York, cleans, arranges them, wraps them nicely in Garbage Capsules and sells them on his website.


100% authentic
HAND-PICKED from the fertile streets of NY, NY


This "Limited Edition Yankee Stadium Garbage Cube" is my favorite garbage cube. It holds garbage collected by Justin in the final Opening Day at old Yankee Stadium.

Time will tell whether consumption culture changes or not. The message is out there though - RECYCLE NOW!

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