Friday, April 9, 2010

Real Life is Rubbish


Some say real life is actually quite different than what we see with our eyes. That our visual perception hides the truth from us and keeps us in a comfortable darkness.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster take that saying a step further with their trash art. They project light into spaces and manipulate it using trash to create life size shade figures.

Dirty White Trash - Tim Noble & Sue WebsterThe above trash art installation, called Dirty White Trash, is made of their own trash, collected in a period of 6 months and assembled to present their own figures with a cigarette and a glass of wine. This symbolizes their self criticism of their own lifestyle and the effect it has on the environment.


Being so strongly provocative, this kind of work forces spectators into re-examination of their very own perception and lifestyles. It shouts for change of both in a very clear voice. I only hope they turn off the projector during museum off hours.
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