Friday, April 2, 2010

Your Garbage = Unlimited Art Material


Plastic leftovers from broken toys and electronic devices, cigarette filters, bottlecaps, electrical wires and many other types of "garbage" are Tom Deininger's unlimited arsenal of raw materials, ready to become part of his next recycled art project.


I was initially drawn to his work through this lovely "smelly shell", made of used cigarette filters. They are upcycled by the recycle artist from useless smelly pieces of junk into a lovely texture with a new meaning and context.

selfportraitmed_tom_deiningerAbove: Tom Deininger's self portrait (click here to see it in stopmotion).

Indeed, this represents a truly inspiring attitude from a well-deserving recognized artist who proves beyond doubt there is a bright side to be found even in dark places.


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